General description

Elveflow is a French innovative SME dedicated to MICROFLUIDIC FLOW CONTROL instrumentation. The company can design the specific microfluidic system to meet the needs of many application (e.g. cell culture, chemical reactor , drug testing, lab-on-chip, point-of-care, diagnostics , organ on chip, optofluidic, µfuel cell, micro-droplet, sensors …).

Role of key people

Dr. Guilhem Velvé-Casquillas (M) (13 publications, 343 citations, h-index 8 and 3 patents), CEO of ELVESYS, received his PhD in Physics (microfluidics for cell Biology and PCR) in 2008 before completing a postdoctoral researcher appointment in cell biology at the Curie Institute. His areas of expertise are entrepreneurship, microfluidics, heat transfer, microtechnology and cellular biology. He is actively involved in the supervision of PhD students and post-doctoral fellows that come to ELVESYS in the scope of European projects, guiding them in their personal development and giving insights into entrepreneurship, innovation, and company inception.

Dr. Christa Ivanova (F) (4 publications, 177 citations, h-index 3) Research and Innovation Manager at ELVESYS. She obtained a Molecular Biology degree, followed by a MSc in Biotechnology and a PhD from the University of Vienna in Microbiology and Genetics. She did a 1.5-year post-doctorate at the IFP Energies Nouvelles in Rueil-Malmaison, France, followed by a 2-year post-doctorate at the Institut Pasteur in Paris. Her areas of expertise are chemical engineering, cell biology and genetics. She has supervised 3 PhD students and 2 Master students in her career and is currently managing 2 projects at ELVESYS focused on microfluidic models for cell biology.

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