Unravelling the CO2 capture and conversion mechanism of a NiRu–Na2O switchable dual-function material in various CO2 utilisation reactions


Time-resolved operando DRIFTS-MS was performed to elucidate the CO2 capture and conversion mechanisms of a NiRuNa/CeAl DFM in CO2 methanation, reverse water–gas shift, and dry reforming of methane. CO2 was captured mainly in the form of carbonyls and bidentate carbonates, and a spillover mechanism occurred to obtain the desired products.

(A) In situ XRD patterns under H2 or inert atmosphere (N2) of the catalysts up to 600 °C or 700 °C. (B) XRD patterns of spent catalysts. Symbols: ♥ MoxC ♣ MoOxCy, ♦ MoO2, x Mo, ♠ Cu, Φ CuO.

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J. Mater. Chem. A, 2023,11, 13209-13216



CO2 capture and conversion

NiRu–Na2O dual-function material

CO2 utilization reactions