Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

General description

CSIC is Spain’s largest public research institution and ranks 3rd among Europe’s largest research. It has 120 Institutes, among them the Instituto de Catálisis y Petroleoquímica-CSIC (ICP-CSIC) employs 250 people, with a strong expertise in the field of catalysis. ICP-CSIC owns multiple research laboratories and pilot plant facilities, TEM/SEM, XRD, UV-Visible, ESR and adsorption isotherms. Besides catalytic laboratory reactors for continuous and batch reactions equipped with the feeding systems and the analytical techniques for the identification of products, it owns XPS, Raman, FTIR, chemisorption and immersion microcalorimetry, TG-DTG, TPR, TPD.

Role of key people

Dra. Ana Belén Dongil is the coordinator of BIOALL and leads the work performed at ICP-CSIC. She obtained her PhD in 2011 working on the immobilization of metal organometallic complexes on carbon nanostructures, for which she obtained the extraordinary PhD award. She has over 40 publications, and 15 years experience on heterogeneous catalysis mainly focus on the use of carbon materials. During her research experience she has worked at Universidad de Concepción (Chile) and ETH Zürich (Switzerland). She is currently leading on several projects related to CO2 and biomass valorisation. As coordinator she is responsible of the correct project execution to optimize the training and scientific results of the secondments and research objectives.

Partner information


Marie Curie 2
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